SA ISIDIMA GROUP is made up of highly experienced multi-cultural and empowers management team who are staunch supporters of the GREEN ECOCOMY
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Anand Naidoo - CEO
- Deputy Chairman

Current CEO of SA ISIDIMA which was sold to SA ISIDIMA GROUP.

27 Years in Retail, 99% all at Management Level at Store/ Area/Regional/Divisional and Executive Level (Junior/Middle and Senior Management).
  • Been Part of 3 large Retail Companies in South Africa, Joshua Dore/Profurn, Massmart/Walmart and Edcon, currently the CEO of Tanagen Pty(LTd) T/a SA Isidima for the last 2 years in the Waste Sector.
  • I have read for a B Comm Degree at Rhodes University which is incomplete and also have a year of my LLB through Unisa.
  • I have gained many Retail Diplomas across the 3 Companies, ranging from CRM, Senior and Middle Management Certificates, Operational Certificates, Employee Relation Courses, Retail Control Diploma.
  • A Stakeholder in the Enterprise Development Program of Edcon, Total Re-branding and Part of the Project Management Team of the C N A Brand from an Executive Level.
  • My greatest Strength is Strategic and Capacity Building and Analyzing Data and Finding solutions to expansion and building the Top and Bottom lines of Companies.
  • Lasting , I was the part of the Emerging Business Leadership Program and the Executive Leadership Program of Massmart and Edcon
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Colin Isaacs – COO – Greater Cape Town


  • I have been in management positions of Metropolitan Life Insurance & International Budget Motor & Home Insurance companies for more than 10 years.
  • Worked in different spheres of business and have vast skills in the insurance industry as well as training investments.
  • Worked as an advisor to high level clients on their investment portfolios.
  • Is a staunch recycler and has been in the recycling business since 2008.
  • Has been involved in numerous recycling projects during this period i.e. bio-diesel & waste to energy on farms to provide electricity to farmers, as well as bio-diesel for their farming equipment.
  • Has been managing my own recycling company since 2008 until 2015.
  • Merge with Tanagen (Pty) LTD 2016 to increase the business and get a bigger footprint and sold to SA ISIDIMA GROUP
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Franklin Zass – COO – West Coast

  • On my vast international travels around the world as an executive pastry chef ,I was always interested in the recycling processes.
  • I joined CFN Recycling in 2012 to further my knowledge on recycling.
  • I was responsible for managing the staff in the factory as well as handled all the logistics of the company.
  • We were mainly a buy back centre of recyclable products in Cape Town.
  • We grew our company and started grinding certain plastic materials to increase profitability.
  • Started my own company – FMD Recycling in 2016 and our main focus was event recycling & waste management.
  • The Bayhill under 19 soccer tournament is currently one of our standing contracts and this tournament is an international soccer event
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Frank Walsh - Director Legal, Marketing & Communications

Experienced Business Executive with substantial publishing experience.