Services Offered

SA ISIDIMA provides a range of services tailored towards recycling, namely;

Waste Collection - The collection of waste is a more specialised service than most people realise
  • First we meet to understand and the waste stream and then to formalise a schedule.
  • Bin collection is important and the first discovery meeting we ensure that the right bins, receptacles and storage facilities are provided to you in the right places.
  • Food and free waste is cordoned off in odour-free containers or a specially designed composting facility
  • Hazardous waste is treated with the necessary respect and care
  • What types of collection do we offer? Scheduled and on-demand collection, door-to-door collections, event collection, bin-washing on site using specialist equipment with a recycling system for waste water; and confidential document collection and shredding.

Waste Sorting
- In order to dispose of, or recycle waste, we first need to sort it. Our teams are specially trained and appointed, with hazardous waste handled by highly trained individuals, and the use of technology to get the job done. We design, build and operate sorting units for dry waste, wet waste and mixed waste,

Recycling - recycling help keep our planet more sustainable, but it can also be an effective way of generating income.
  • First we identify which waste can be recycled and how to recycle it.
  • SA ISIDIMA recycles plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, wood and glass.

Hazardous Waste Management - We’re committed to staying at the forefront of waste technology solutions.
  • We safely collect, transport and dispose of hazardous waste in our very high 800ºc temperature autoclave solutions
  • Our skills, knowledge and proven ability allow us to provide the optimal solution to your specific hazardous waste management challenges, with full tractability and disposal certification within the applied regulatory requirements
  • Organic and food material sorted out of the waste stream could be used to produce energy from waste and eventually produce a rich organic compost for farmer’s land soil enrichment

Focused Recycling Programmes
  • Onsite waste management solutions in shopping malls includes sorting at source
  • Industrial & Commercial recycling programmes
  • Residential Estate Recycling programmes
  • Office recycling programmes
  • Schools recycling programme
  • Township Recycling programmes

If you need a consultant to call you regarding one of the programs then click this link and send us an email