SA ISIDIMA supplies a range of products to help you protect your water supply and enable your water management. Using quality products and outstanding service, SA ISIDIMA strives to ensure that our Clients protect their water supply the most effectively they can – hence making a difference to the environment, while helping our Clients’ stakeholders understand and appreciate “Sustainability” thinking- whether in South Africa or beyond our borders.
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The Water from Air (WfA) works by extracting humidity from the air and converting it into clean, healthy drinking water. AWG’s offer the following benefits:

  • Pure Water from Air
  • Filters Micro-Organisms
  • Superior Quality & Healthy
  • Dehumidifies & Filters Air
  • Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

With Africa suffering from droughts, failing water infrastructures, increasing municipal water prices, and plastic bottles littering the countryside, one viable alternative is to become self-sufficient with an Atmospheric Water Generator.

We provide freestanding water factory units for the home or office and large, industrial-sized water units using a modular design that can produce thousands of litres of water each day.