SA ISIDIMA GROUP is made up of highly experienced multi-cultural and empowers management team who are staunch supporters of the GREEN ECOCOMY
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Colin Cloete - Chairman

Current CEO of Waste2Energy Global which was sold to SA ISIDIMA GROUP

Has 17 years experience at boardroom level with extensive corporate training from large international corporates namely XEROX, IBM, ANGLO AMERICAN
  • Is skilled in Service Management (Service Delivery), Sales, Finance (high level) and Operations.
  • Has built, operated, managed and sold a few companies successfully.
  • Has many diplomas/certificates in Service Management, Sales, Finance and Project Management.
  • He has extensive experience in implementing best practice governance controls, processes, procedures and supporting CRM & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software tools in Sales, Finance, HR and Project Management in Middle East, Africa & South Africa in large competitive corporates.
  • Focused on implementing good governance and expanding services and products to additional Provinces & Countries.
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Anand Naidoo - CEO
- Deputy Chairman

Current CEO of SA ISIDIMA which was sold to SA ISIDIMA GROUP.

27 Years in Retail, 99% all at Management Level at Store/ Area/Regional/Divisional and Executive Level (Junior/Middle and Senior Management).
  • Been Part of 3 large Retail Companies in South Africa, Joshua Dore/Profurn, Massmart/Walmart and Edcon, currently the CEO of Tanagen Pty(LTd) T/a SA Isidima for the last 2 years in the Waste Sector.
  • I have read for a B Comm Degree at Rhodes University which is incomplete and also have a year of my LLB through Unisa.
  • I have gained many Retail Diplomas across the 3 Companies, ranging from CRM, Senior and Middle Management Certificates, Operational Certificates, Employee Relation Courses, Retail Control Diploma.
  • A Stakeholder in the Enterprise Development Program of Edcon, Total Re-branding and Part of the Project Management Team of the C N A Brand from an Executive Level.
  • My greatest Strength is Strategic and Capacity Building and Analyzing Data and Finding solutions to expansion and building the Top and Bottom lines of Companies.
  • Lasting , I was the part of the Emerging Business Leadership Program and the Executive Leadership Program of Massmart and Edcon
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Dawid Thomas (DT) Styger – COO – Winelands, Bloemfontein

Current CEO CL Waste

  • Started own recycling company more than 20 years ago after college
  • Grown CL Waste into a multimillion rand company with 11 satellite sites in and around Cape Town of which I have provided with the necessary equipment.
  • Highly Experienced waste practitioner
  • CL Waste deal with all types of recycling and has a huge footprint in Cape Town.
  • The company has also branched out to other provinces in South Africa; ie Bloemfontein & West Coast.
  • My company is currently on of the biggest suppliers of cardboard & PET in Cape Town.
  • I also have knowledge of the export market as I previously exported cardboard.
  • have experience in different types of materials as well as extrusion of plastics.
  • CL Waste has a staff compliment of 45 in Cape Town
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Colin Isaacs – COO – Greater Cape Town


  • I have been in management positions of Metropolitan Life Insurance & International Budget Motor & Home Insurance companies for more than 10 years.
  • Worked in different spheres of business and have vast skills in the insurance industry as well as training investments.
  • Worked as an advisor to high level clients on their investment portfolios.
  • Is a staunch recycler and has been in the recycling business since 2008.
  • Has been involved in numerous recycling projects during this period i.e. bio-diesel & waste to energy on farms to provide electricity to farmers, as well as bio-diesel for their farming equipment.
  • Has been managing my own recycling company since 2008 until 2015.
  • Merge with Tanagen (Pty) LTD 2016 to increase the business and get a bigger footprint and sold to SA ISIDIMA GROUP
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Mike vd Walt - Business Development Director

Held Directorship positions in Unique Plant Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Business Stewardship SA (Pty) Ltd over the last 17 years in Industrial Engineering & Business Development Companies.

Services were rendered to SMME’s, National & Multi-National Manufacturers via Department of Trade & Industry grants/ incentives. Skills include;

  • Business Architecture/ Process & Industrial Engineering Improvement;
  • Compile & Implement Integrated ISO 9001:2008 Quality; 14001:2004 Environment/ OHSAS 18001:1999 Occupational Health & Safety Systems;
  • Business Processes Mapping;
    • Compile & Implement Plant & Facility Maintenance Systems and Control;
  • Research Industry Expertise, Business Linkages and Networking;
  • Project Management/ Plant & Facility Procurement and Commissioning;
  • Social Entrepreneurship Development and Training.
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Franklin Zass – COO – West Coast

  • On my vast international travels around the world as an executive pastry chef ,I was always interested in the recycling processes.
  • I joined CFN Recycling in 2012 to further my knowledge on recycling.
  • I was responsible for managing the staff in the factory as well as handled all the logistics of the company.
  • We were mainly a buy back centre of recyclable products in Cape Town.
  • We grew our company and started grinding certain plastic materials to increase profitability.
  • Started my own company – FMD Recycling in 2016 and our main focus was event recycling & waste management.
  • The Bayhill under 19 soccer tournament is currently one of our standing contracts and this tournament is an international soccer event
Willie Basson - COO - Gauteng Region

Experienced Business Development executive and funding guru